Agarobe urges Papuan leaders to stand together

Central Governor Robert Agarobe is appealing to fellow members-elect of the Papuan Region (Central, Gulf and Western Provinces) to stand together for the benefit of the people.

In a statement, the Governor said: “Here in Central Province, the people have been clear in their choice of leadership. Out of the five members elected to Parliament, only one affiliates with the Alotau camp, and that is the member re-elect for Abau, Sir Puka Temu. 

“We have each campaigned to get mandate from our people to serve them, but let us be united to serve them.

“We must act and act as a team to restore a government for all that’s serious about real and equal service delivery.”

Agarobe says the Papuan Region envelopes Port Moresby, the seat of the National Government, yet basic essential services are missing. 

“The story is the same from district to district and province to province in our region. We need to press and secure maximum benefit for our people.

“I invite you all to join The Alliance for a more inclusive, team approach, to development in the Papuan Region and ultimately Papua New Guinea.”

Agarobe stresses that they do not promote thuggery because they are peaceful people.

“I commend the security forces who have worked tirelessly to restore the rule of law, risking their lives for our safety,” he said. 

“Papuan leaders, I reiterate let’s not be spineless. Let us not abandon our people in their time of need.

“Put our people first and stand together. 

“My decision to join The Alliance stemmed from my belief that they are an inclusive collection of leaders with a shared vision for development that puts our people first. 

“Let us have the courage to band together as Papuan leaders for the benefit of the people who elected us and be the government for the people, by the people.

“God bless the people of the Papuan Region and Papua New Guinea.”

(Picture: Robert Agarobe Facebook page)

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