Agarobe says court decision a win for all parties

Central Governor Robert Agarobe has welcomed the decision of the National Court.

Granting the interim injunction against IRC, preventing the municipal government from paying 10%, 3% and 2% directly to Central Provincial Government, Gulf Provincial Government and Motu Koita Assembly. 

He said the decision is a win for all parties, including Central Provincial Government.

In his court decision, Justice Thomas Anis, said the court recognizes that the current arrangement where the IRC transfers the full 60% of NCD GST Revenues to NCDC, and thereafter NCDC remits portions of those monies to the three parties.

The court said the evidence provided by the plaintiff shows that Motu Koita Assembly, Central and Gulf Provinces have been receiving their GST shares before April 2021 and that it should be maintained until final determination of the matter in court. 

The Governor said as the NCDC is therefore legally obliged to remit 10% of the GST Revenues from the IRC each month to the Central Provincial Government, payments must be done without delay.

Jemimah Sukbat