The aftermath

Clouds have parted, giving way to the sun in the National Capital District and some areas of Central Province.

But the aftermath of the past few days is still evident.

The Laloki River just outside NCD flooded its banks late yesterday.

It flowed into residential areas and was about waist deep by this morning.

Resident Agnes Moroi said this is a usual yearly occurrence, one that greatly affects residents of the area.

Families were forced to harvest their gardens, commuting into the area stopped and other daily routines slowed.

Some families had to relocate their livestock and find a temporary option until the flood level goes down.

Moroi says this may take two days or up to a week.

But if the rain continues, it would take even longer.

This will not only disadvantage the locals but the travelling public to and from Gulf Province, Kikori and Goilala district.

When Loop PNG arrived on scene, the portion of the road near the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital was the only part of the Hiritano Highway still submerged.

Meantime, the weather office predicts the rains will continue into the month of April.

Gloria Bauai