Addressing Human Trafficking

The Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) will host a webinar on 3rd of August about the government and civil society's response to address the rising crime on Human Trafficking.

Trafficking In Persons (TIP) or Human Trafficking is one of the worst forms of Gender Based Violence where victims are in most cases forced to meet certain expectations in homes, workplaces and the community.

TIP victims are often traumatized as they are often subjected to the worst kinds of human rights violations or exploitation that can include, forced prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude which involves work or domestic work around the home and in communities.

Several Trafficking In Persons cases have been already been reported in Papua New Guinea with an immediate need for more public education and action to address this type of human rights violations.

The webinar is in line with 2021, theme for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30 - “Victims’ Voices Lead The Way” highlighting the importance of listening to and learning from survivors of Human Trafficking.

Survivors are key actors in the fight against human trafficking.

FSVAC hopes these discussions will give light to this rising issue and create an enabling space to amplify and strengthen our responses against Human Trafficking as a community.


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