Acting Police Commissioner pledges to maintain stability

The newly-appointed acting Police Commissioner has pledged to maintain stability within the Royal PNG Constabulary.

Francis Tokura says he will ensure they continue to carry out their constitutional mandate of protecting lives and property, as well as maintaining law and order.

Tokura, who was the chief of the Bougainville Police Service prior to his appointment, assures that they will be doing their level best to move the Royal PNG Constabulary forward, which includes continuing with the initiatives set by the former management.

“I will ensure that there is good governance, accountability, transparency and fairness at all levels, and ensure that we deliver due diligence in the discharge of our duties,” he stated. “I will also endeavour to provide that leadership required to address the law and order issues that we currently have in the country.

“Law and order continues to be a challenge for the country. Over the last few years we’ve experienced very unpleasant situations in Papua New Guinea.”

Speaking on the senseless killing of women and children in Tari, Tokura described the incident as an atrocious criminal act that he intends to deal with swiftly and strongly. He has vowed to use all available resources to bring the killers to justice.

“There are also other fights in other parts of the country that need to be addressed as well,” he added.

Meantime, Tokura highlighted that the Marape-Steven Government has appointed him acting police commissioner for a period of three months, beginning the 5th of July.

“Any issues or queries regarding the process should be directed to the appointing authority,” he stressed.

(Acting Police Commissioner, Francis Tokura)

Carmella Gware