Acting Commissioner disappointed with parole board

Acting Police Commissioner David Manning expressed his disgust and disappointment after a man who was convicted for incest, but released on parole, was arrested again for the same offence.

The suspect, a male adult from Bereina in Central Province, was jailed for incest in 2001 but released on parole in July 2019.

Police in the Central Province arrested the suspect on July 22nd for allegedly re-committing the same crime against his own biological daughter.

Acting Commissioner Manning said: “I am utterly disappointed with the parole board for literally allowing the suspect to abuse the victim again.

“Our society is facing a lot of social and moral issues and as such government agencies responsible for the dispensation of justice must also ensure the laws and systems of governance are zealously protected at all times.

“My policemen and policewomen work tirelessly – often under very difficult and challenging conditions – just to bring perpetrators of crime to justice, but it is frustrating when something like this happens.

“This whole saga undermines the effort put in by members of the Constabulary in bringing crime suspects to face justice.

“In the National Capital District alone, about three to four cases of sexual offence against minors are reported weekly at the Boroko Police Station, indicating a serious breakdown in family values and parental responsibilities. These crimes are being committed inside the homes and usually the perpetrators are the very people who are supposed to be providing the protection and care for the children and women in their custody.”

Manning said the constabulary is contemplating creating more awareness on such crimes to educate people about the fundamental rights of women and children and what all law abiding citizens can do to prevent or deter such crimes from happening within our communities.

He said the constabulary will also reach out and partner with churches, women groups, youths and NGO groups in a collaborative effort aimed at preventing violence against women and children.

Press release