Acting commander intent on restoring control

The overcast day did nothing to daunt the high-spirited police parade organised by the acting assistant commissioner of police for the NCD and Central Province.

Anthony Wagambie Jnr said this event marks their efforts in taking back command and control and restoring the Royal PNG Constabulary’s lost pride.

Since the announcement of his acting appointment as the NCD-Central commander, the former Lae metropolitan superintendent is already creating a ripple in his division.

Chief superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr hosted a parade on October 5th where not only his subordinates were present but also local leaders like Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Chairman of the Motu Koita Assembly, Dadi Toka Jnr and Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa.

Wagambie Jnr said the parade serves as an indication to members of the Royal PNG Constabulary that there is now command and the hierarchy is intent on instilling discipline and control within the force.

The parade was not only to make his presence known but also to stress on ethical conduct and professionalism, considering the negativity of the force being portrayed on mainstream and social media.

“So we’re encouraging them to turn the negativity into positivity in the sense that we must improve in the way we go about doing business, be more professional in our approach and basically just encouraging them to lift their standard of performance here,” said Wagambie Jnr.

“And for our frontline supervisors to supervise the men and women out on the streets, doing their work; more proper supervision.”

Wagambie Jnr further called on the general public to cooperate, adding a majority of confrontations come about when residents do not help police in maintaining law and order.

Meantime, the acting commander said the presence of the two Central Province leaders signifies a partnership where all parties will work together to roll out the new provincial police commander’s plans.

“The Central provincial police commander is always being overshadowed by NCD,” he stated. “For many, many years; previously until now. Central Province is a province of its own, with a large number of people living outside in the districts.

“Whatever happens in NCD, there’ll be a spillover effect into Central Province. If we are able to minimise crime in here, you will find that the troublemakers will move into Central Province. We don’t want the people of Central Province to become victims of this.”

(Acting assistant commissioner of police for NCD-Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, with Central Governor Robert Agarobe, left, and Motu Koita Assembly Chairman, Dadi Toka Jnr)

Carmella Gware