ACP decries ‘tribal mentality’

There is no room for tribal mentality in the nation’s capital.

Commander NCD/Central, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior, made this statement following an incident on Sunday where a truck, belonging to people from Gulf, was held up and commandeered by men living at Erima settlement.

“A video has been made of individuals from Hela demanding that K250,000 be paid for the death of a man from Hela, who lost his life during a police operation in Gulf Province,” said ACP Wagambie Jnr.

“Full details of what had happened there during the operation to curb illegal drugs from the Highlands through Gulf Province have been released by PPC Gulf.”

ACP Wagambie Jnr said the video, which was posted, clearly showed threats being made to the Gulf people.

“This will not be taken lightly,” he stated.

“The Gulf people are innocent and should not be threatened.

“What had led to the death of the Tari man was from a police operation and they can bring it up with PPC Gulf or Southern Division Commander, if they feel the killing was unjustified.

“There are means to pursue this.

“This is NCD and Central Division and we will not tolerate this.

“This is a city and there is no room for this sort of tribal mentality.

“I call on the municipal government of NCDC to seriously look into taking steps to assist with the maintenance of law and order in the city.”

The ACP has further directed the NCD metropolitan superintendent to have police units constantly patrol the area.

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