ABG Receives Administrative Powers

An agreement has been reached between the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and PNG Government that will enable quicker drawdown of powers and functions from the National Government to the ABG.

Vice Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Peter Tsiamalili said this at the National Coordination Office for Bougainville Affairs (NCOBA) Sharp Agreement Summit at the APEC Haus yesterday, Friday 26th November. Mr Tsiamalili said he was pleased at the outcome.

“I applaud both Prime Minister, James Marape and ABG President, Ishmael Toroama for their foresight and leadership in ensuring that the ABG achieves and administers its own affairs and finally exercising its full autonomy in preparation for its future political settlement.

“The process has been quite cumbersome and lagging in progress,”Mr Tsiamalili said.

The transfer of powers involves the ABG taking over responsibility for, and management of functions and powers from the National Government. This includes the decision-making policy.

He said that the eventual transfer will be highly beneficial for the people of Bougainville, it will empower them and bring about economic stability and self-reliance in all sectors.

Mr Tsiamalili added that the National Government has a responsibility as a party to the Bougainville Peace Agreement and in the implementation of the arrangements as stipulated in Part XIV of the Constitution to ensure that transfers of powers and functions are swiftly done, as well as to ensure that the ABG is able to function as an autonomous government.

“The purpose of this summit is to engage with all the government agencies and departments to inform on the need to expedite the process to transfer and to develop more practical ways in which the process can be progressed.”

He called on the ABG administration, led by Chief Secretary, Shadrach Himata to also take the cue from this summit and organise itself to better facilitate drawdown of powers to the ABG.

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