ABG president notes steady progress

The Autonomous Bougainville Government President, Ishmael Toroama, has reported a steady progress in addressing critical issues.

In a recent update, he outlined that the fourth House of Representatives is on track.

“During my campaign, I outlined three basic platforms that form the basis of my Presidency; these are independence, economic revitalisation and ending corruption and improving law and order,” Toroama stated.

“These platforms appealed to the average Bougainvillean because the people demanded a change from the previous political regime and so they opted for one that could provide decisive and pragmatic leadership.  

“The steady progress of the fourth House has been very promising and I am expecting a great many things from my cabinet and the rest of the House.  

“We have steadily gained traction on very important issues as we progress Bougainville’s political agenda.  

“It is no secret that my unwavering resolve is for Bougainville to achieve political independence and to be recognised by the international community as a sovereign state.  

“As a signatory to the Bougainville Peace Agreement, I am required on principal to abide by its parameters and as President, I am morally obligated to do so even more.  

“I must reassure the people of Bougainville and PNG that the ABG is committed to implementing the BPA through a peace by peaceful means approach.  

“The time for conflict is over and this ABG is committed to delivering Bougainville’s political independence; this means we respect and work within the legal framework already in place.  

“We are currently at a very crucial juncture in the Bougainville Peace Process; the Post Referendum Consultations requires diplomacy, empathy and an appreciation of the history of Bougainville’s journey to self-determination.  

“We cannot afford to be sidetracked by dissention, disunity nor can we lose hope; not everyone will share our views however, we must never digress from our ultimate goal and that is ‘independence’.”

Press release