70 soldiers deployed to disaster provinces

Seventy Papua New Guinea Defence Force troops have been deployed to Southern Highlands and Hela provinces respectively from Port Moresby.

The troops are from the First Royal Pacific Island Regiment at Taurama.

Yesterday they were flown out by the Australian Hercules C130 from the PNGDF Air Transport Wing at Jackson’s International Airport

On their way to the two disaster provinces, the first 35 troops were inserted into Hela from Komo airport while the next 35 troops bound for Southern Highlands have been inserted from Hagen.

They will be traveling by road to Southern Highlands from Mt Hagen.

Among the troops that were deployed are 10 specialist combat military trained medical personnel.

Five of them are deploying with troops to Hela while the other five are deploying to Southern Highlands respectively.

Their main task is to help provide security, medical assistance, help in distributing relief supplies and setting up care centres to disaster affected villages.

They will also be engaged in other tasking if required.

(PNGDF troops boarding the Australian Hercules C130 yesterday afternoon from PNGDF Air base at Jackson’s International Airport, Port Moresby – PNGDF Media)

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