35 Graduate From PILAG Highlands Regional Centre

On Thursday 17th March, thirty-five (35) students from the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) from its Highlands Regional Centre in Hagen graduated after completing their course in Mt Hagen.

The 35 students (8 females and 27 males) were awarded with certificates in Leadership and Governance, a course that has been funded and supported by the SP Foundation Incorporation since 2018.

The graduates are public servants working in nine different agencies and provincial governments who attended the course delivered by PILAG at its Highlands regional training center in Mt Hagen.

Speaking at the graduation, Secretary Department of Personnel Management Taies Sansan who is the interim Chairlady of the PILAG Board spoke about the Public Service and provided information on some major changes that have been taking place in the public service. 

Sansan highlighted a number of key policy changes that have taken place in the public service amongst them the Public Service long-term plan, the Human Resource Development Strategy Plan 2020 – 2050 which the Prime Minister launched last year.

She also informed the graduates that the Public Service now has a training policy which is aligned to and complements the 30-year long-term plan. Secretary Sansan challenged the graduates to be the change agent in their respective organization when they return to work. She told the graduates that with the renewed and refreshed energy from completing their studies, they must use it when you return to your respective organizations to share the knowledge that they have gained from this program.

She said, serving in the public service is a well-regarded and privileged role. Individuals are paid to carry out services for and on behalf of the general public. Public Servants are expected to display commitment, dedication and ethics in their conduct. She urged the students to observe these etiquettes as they are fundamental to making public servants what they should be and that is to be the servant of the people to ensure service delivery to the people.

Secretary Sansan also took time to thank SP Foundation Incorporation for its continued support in funding the course. She said she would like to see the partnership for the program, continue. She also thanked PILAG for continuing to ensure its regional centers provide leadership training courses to those in the provinces that need upskilling.

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