3 dead, officer injured in Madang confrontation

Three people have been confirmed dead while a police man is nursing very critical injuries at the Modilon hospital following a confrontation at Madang’s Four-Mile market between police and youths on Saturday.

This newsroom contacted the Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, this morning whilst he was waiting for the next flight to Madang.

He said he has received reports that the situation is very tense at the moment.

Four mobile squad units have been deployed from Lae and are currently on ground to contain the situation. This was also confirmed by the Lae metropolitan superintendent, Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

Kramer said the confrontation had spiralled from the killing and decapitation of a man from Ialibu during the week. The deceased was a teacher at Bau Primary School.

Relatives of the deceased retaliated after the body of the former teacher was found without a head – which is yet to be recovered.

Kramer said this caused an uprising from the relatives, who protested for the head of their relative.

The relatives set up roadblocks on Friday (April 6) morning with the help of other men from the Highlands region.

During that time, a number of people from villages near the Four-Mile market were attacked.

A ripple of incidents then took place, including retaliation from the villagers which required the presence of the police.

Unfortunately, police were unable to contain the situation due to the large number of people involved in the uprising.

A confrontation between the police and youths resulted in three deaths while a police officer suffered cuts and bruises to his face and body.

Many others were also injured while Madang town has been on shutdown since the incident on Friday.

Police are on high alert as opportunist are also taking advantage of the situation to rob shops and business houses.

Roadblocks have also been erected along the Lae-Madang Highway.

The Member for Madang has also reiterated that he will be on ground by this afternoon and will be looking to immediately resolve this issue.

(Madang filepic)

Imelda Wavik