23 year old charged for driving under influence of liquor

Drink driving had landed a young man with K6, 000 compensation fine.

Jeno Andrew was found guilty by Tabubil District Court last Friday on three counts of traffic offences.

He was charged by police amounting to K1, 300 on top of the K6, 000 compensation fines.   

The 23 year old from Imingibip village in Western Province was ordered by the Court to pay K300 for the charge of driving under the influence of liquor, driving without a driving licence (K500) and driving without due care and attention (K500).

Tabubil District Court magistrate Billy Pidu told Jeno that drink driving was the cause of all the three offences so he had to pay the court fines in full to teach him and the other drivers a lesson not to drink and drive.

He said most of the traffic accidents caused by drivers were because of people drinking and driving.

According to police brief, it was alleged that on Saturday Dec 10, 2016, at around 4am, the defendant drove a white Toyota 10 seater land cruiser along the Old Wangbin Settlement adjacent to Tabubil Township.

He was driving under the influence of alcohol and also without a driving licence when he bumped into a house that was 10 metres away from the road.

In his pursuit of leaving the scene, the home owner recorded the registration number of the vehicle and the description of the vehicle and reported it to the police.

Police latter apprehended the Andrew at Old Wangbin Settlement.

Charles Yapumi