23 state leases for NCD

23 state lease titles of public spaces in NCD were presented for the first time to the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, by the Minister for Lands and Physical planning, Justin Tkatchenko.

The state leases were for public space and road reserves for NCD.

Almost two months ago, the Lands Department launched the NCD Lands Unit with the aim to preserve, protect and secure all NCD public spaces.

Tkatchenko commended the Lands unit team for the tireless effort in doing the land reserves plans for NCD.

“We’ve always said to secure our markets, our schools, our public parks and reserves.”

The titles are for the famous Gordon’s Market, Unagi oval and park, Boroko Apex Park, East Boroko China Town Park reserve and Kaugere Oval (Sir William Skate sports field), among others.

Tkatchenko said this is just the start of securing these lands so no individual, foreigner or company can ever steal them.

Now with the title, the Governor can develop the land and partner with other investors and agencies without the risk of it being stolen or taken away.

Governor Parkop said he was pleased and delighted to be given the titles for NCD to work with and develop for the residents.

“It’s been a long time coming as for the last 20 years, NCDC has been trying to get these lands secured. Not for NCDC but for our people to enjoy and to use.

“This is to enable us to develop a city that is balanced and caters for everything.

“This is all at the bottom of NCDC’s endeavour until now and it has not been easy,” Parkop adds.

Annette Kora