2019 Walk Against Corruption launched

Transparency International PNG launched the 13th Annual Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption on May 16th.

The theme of this year’s walk is Justice = Enforcement + Reporting. Through the theme, TIPNG wants to draw people’s attention to how corruption affects the quality and accessibility of justice but at the same time, show national solidarity in the laws and institutions that we have in Papua New Guinea that ensure justice.

The Walk Against Corruption will be led by the Secretary of the Department of Justice & Attorney General, Dr Eric Kwa, Deputy Police Commissioner Operations, Jim Andrews and Acting Correctional Service Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis.

In the past months the country saw a lot of political changes that have shaken the foundations of PNG’s democracy, but people need to be reassured that the basic laws enshrined in our Constitution are upheld, that every citizen is also aware of their right to quality justice and their responsibilities as citizens.

TIPNG calls on all Law & Justice sector agencies and other organisations to register teams to participate in the Walk. So far, 22 corporate teams, one civil society organisation team, three family teams and 28 school teams have registered.

There are nine sponsors waiting to sponsor school teams, so schools in Port Moresby are urged to register their students to participate in the walk Against Corruption.

The Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption is TIPNG’s major fundraising event that also aims to create greater awareness about corruption and provide citizens with an avenue to peacefully express their opposition to corruption.

Funds raised from past walks have allowed for the development of civic education materials for use in schools in PNG. These materials teach students the basics of good citizenship, human rights, democracy and the laws of the land.

Registrations fees for the Walk are:

  • Corporate organisations - K2,000 for a team of 12 people
  • Civil Society Organisations- K200 for a team of 10 people
  • School teams - K200 for a team of 10 students and 2 teachers
  • Family teams - K 100 for a team of 10 people

This year the walk will be held in Port Moresby and Lae. To register a team, call the TIPNG office on 3237517 or 3234917 and speak with Kalia or email info@transparencypng.org.pg

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