2018 intent for PNGDF

The PNG Defence Force has three areas of progress that will set the tenor for a successful wider interagency engagement, the conduct of operations and improved organisational health.

These are; the establishment of the Joint Service College, the development of the forward deployed Combat Services Support Teams and progress in gender integration.

PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo, said the JSC heralds the start of greater integration with the sister security sector partners, police and correctional service.

“We often talk of the need for greater ‘whole government’ approach to security and other challenges. Such an approach can only be achieved overtime if we develop relationships and peer groups with our sister services to enable the necessary network.”

He said the JSC will greatly assist in this.

The Combat Service Support Team concept in developing forward deployed CSS teams is critical to enabling PNGDF border operations.

“It has been trialed this year and its successful implementation next year will see the challenges of conducting border patrols in future years significantly reduced, assisting us greatly in meeting our constitutional obligations.”

Toropo added that the third critical ‘organisational health’ initiative has been the recruitment of women, the formation of gender equity policy committee and the development of policies to support gender integration in the Force.

“The championing of such policies and gender rights is the only way forward for the PNGDF. The momentum in this area will continue in 2018 and beyond as we strive to become a modern and inclusive organisation,” says the commander.

(File pic of PNGDF Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo)

Annette Kora