2018 anticipated to be good for NCD

The One City Concept is high on the 2018 agenda and is ultimately the way forward for the Nation’s Capital.

This concept will be applied to close the disparity that has existed in the city for the last 4 decades.

The NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the city’s way forward is outlined in 4 clearly articulated goals;

•             Improve peace and security in the city

•             Modernize Motu Koita Villages

•             Upgrade settlements to proper suburbs

•             And improve the conditions of existing suburbs

Parkop said it is anticipated that the New Year will be the year of notable difference and improvement in the city’s economic, social and physical sectors.

With the APEC Leaders’ Summit now in sight, it is the opportune time for Port Moresby and its residents to chart a new course he added.

Meantime when reminiscing on 2017, the Governor highlights the Elections and the Rugby League World Cup were some of the highlights for this year.

Parkop has also thanked the residents for the year that has been adding that 2018 will see reforms on the betel-nut ban, education and public transport systems.

Carolyn Ure