20 years of Incentive Fund celebrated

This year marks the 20th year of the PNG-Australia Partnership funded Incentive Fund. It represents two decades of joint work by PNG and Australia towards a shared vision of a prosperous and thriving PNG.

In 1999, during Development Cooperation Treaty negotiations, the PNG and Australian governments agreed that Australia’s development cooperation program would include joint programmed assistance known as the Australia Papua New Guinea Incentive Fund.

Incentive Fund began in 2000 with the broad goal of encouraging PNG organisations to be more effective, build their capacity and ultimately contribute to the economic development and advancement of PNG.

As Incentive Fund celebrates 20 years, the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership is commemorating and celebrating the legacy of this significant program and Australia’s long-standing commitment to PNG.

The Australian High Commission, Government of PNG and Incentive Fund Board are delighted to announce the release of the Legacy Series, a series of videos highlighting some of the most impactful projects that have been supported by the Incentive Fund.

Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Jon Philp, said: “This stand out partnership between government, NGOs, faith-based organisations and national institutions has delivered 72 projects, and we should pause and celebrate the contributions those projects have made to PNG’s development.”

Since 2000, the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership, through Incentive Fund, has funded 72 grants to more than 50 organisations, totalling more than K440 million. 

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