20 Days Of HR Activism Launched

The Minister for Community Development and Religion, Wake Goi and the PNG Country Representative of UN Women, Themba Kalua jointly launched the 20 Days of Human Rights Activism in Port Moresby on Thursday 18th November.

The 20 days of HR Activism officially starts with the International Children’s Day which falls on the 20th November and ends with the International Human Rights Day on 10th December.  According to the Master of ceremony, Deputy Secretary Warren Marape, this is the first time, the Department for Community Development and Religion is given the task to take lead in the launching of this event.

National Volunteer service is one of the agencies within the department, and according to the Director General Molly Willy, they used to be an integral part of this campaign.

Our mandate is to bring service delivery to rural and the most remote parts of Papua New Guinea and COVID-19 has really affected us in a big way so we have had the AVI come forward and helped us in what they called a ‘Remote Volunteer Programme.” Willy said.

Gender Based Violence is a major issue under the Human Rights Activism Campaign. Marcia Kalinoe, National Coordinator spoke on the coordination of Civil Society to advocate to end GBV in PNG.

Prime Minister James Marape who was invited to officially launch the 20 Days Activism was unable to attend due to Parliament sitting, so he was represented by the Minister for CD & R, Wake Goi to officiate the launch and deliver the PM’s speech.

“How we have done to protect and promote another person’s right or how much we have abused and exploit his or her rights we are in an abusive and exploitation category. Than let’s stop olsem tok nogat long mekim ol disla something. These attitudes and behaviours and joined force with the rest of the good Papua New Guineans and end GBV, promote and protect peace and respect for human dignity and values so that everyone strive to live, walk learn and earn income is respected.” Wake Goi.

Minister Goi also expressed his sentiments of the department he is heading. He admonish the general public about good behavior towards each other and to uphold the justice on every occasion.

“Let us not abuse other human beings. Treating other people the right way is better than having your own way showing your macho for your own benefit in abusing others is what we are saying no to today. 20 days is to show that you should not abuse a little girl underage or not to abuse a blind, deaf or disabled or an elderly or even a single mother with many children and no father. These and many others who are abused. We want to find out how we can help such people and many more others.” Said Minister Goi.

He said these 20 days will help us to learn about protecting others so we can teach others to do the same.

“During these 20 days of Activism I declare that we find a real purpose to serve our fellow human being.” Minister Goi concluded.

Frieda Kana