11 out of 79 petitions withdrawn

A total of 11 petitions out of 79 have been withdrawn from the Court of Disputed Returns in the National Court.

The latest petition withdrawn is the one filed by Professor Misty Baloiloi challenging the election of Davis Steven as Member for Esa'ala Open.

The matter was to commence trial this week however, was withdrawn by Professor Baloiloi before trial judge Justice Ambeng Kandakasi on Tuesday.

The petition filed challenging Bogia MP Robert Naguri’s election is currently on trial at the Madang National Court before Justice Joseph Yagi.

77 petitions were initially filed however, following the declaration of William Powi as Southern Highlands Governor, two more petitions have been filed disputing his election.

Petitions withdrawn during pre-trial stages include that filed by:

  1. Roger Mckenzie Digga challenging Robert Agarobe’s election as Central Governor
  2. Nixon Duban challenging Bryan Kramer’s election as Madang MP
  3. Peter Iwei challenging Solan Mirisin’s election as Telefomin MP
  4. Wep Kanawi challenging Job Pomat’s election as Manus MP
  5. Stanley Liria challenging Peter O’Neill’s election as Ialibu-Pangia MP and
  6. Professor Misty Baloiloi challenging Davis Steven’s election as Member for Esa'ala.

The petition filed by Sam Tasion challenging Charlie Benjamin’s election as Manus Governor was dismissed for want of prosecution.

Other petitions that were discontinued in court were those filed over the Nipa Kutubu, Koroba-Lake Kopiago and Karkar seats.

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Sally Pokiton