1,000 50kg rice bags for disaster relief

The Philippines community in Papua New Guinea has donated 1,000 bags of 50kg rice and a 40ft container of canned goods to the quake disaster victims.

Philippines Secretary of Agriculture, Emmanuel Manny Pinol, made the announcement of the donations yesterday when visiting Secretary of Agriculture, Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava.

Accompanied by a large delegation from the Philippines embassy in Port Moresby, Pinol said PNG is home to many Filipinos, therefore it is only fitting to give back.

He said 100 bags of 50kg rice will be bought in PNG while the remaining 900 bags and a 40ft container will be brought in from the Philippines sometimes this week.

“We are pleased to assist PNG during this time of disaster,” Pinol stated.

Dr Ila’ava thanked the people of Philippines for their donation and pledged to continuously work with them in future.

“Thank you for the donation and this will strengthen our friendship going forward.”

Freddy Mou