1 week later: Help yet to reach remote villages

Exactly a week after the devastating earthquake and help is yet to reach villages in Moro and along Lake Kutubu in Southern Highlands Province.

Hunger and dehydration continue to rise while deaths remain unaccounted for.

Local police officer Jacob Kumin has confirmed that brief tremors resumed this morning after ceasing for almost 3 days.

He further revealed there has not been any government presence in the impacted villages.

He said Oil Search is on ground and started doing village to village assessment and at the same time, handing out bottled water and some food items.

However, Kumin said this is unable to sustain the villagers as they face serious shortage of food and water after losing food gardens and livestock in the earthquake.

Police personnel are the only ones currently on ground in Moro while the PNG Defence Force are yet to be deployed in Kutubu.

Roads remain inaccessible, full mobile network is yet to be restored and banking services have been completely cut off.

The 35 local police and police personnel from the 2 Moro based mobile squads were said to have been dispatched into the badly affected Yalanda village today to assess the situation.

(MAF picture showing a landslip in the Highlands region)

Carolyn Ure