“Take Heed Of Warnings”

The general public is being urged to take heed and comply with warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

The wet season experienced in all parts of the country is expected to carry on until the end of May.

The National Weather service said the effects of La Nina will increase above-average rainfall across southern parts of PNG until the end of May, while the greater part of the New Guinea Islands region will experience below average rainfall.

The La Nina also increases the chance of tropical cyclone activities.

The National Weather Service has also reported that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have been monitoring a Tropical cyclone developed in the Coral Sea on Sunday 9 January, however it does not pose any threat to PNG.

Monsoon surges and some rainfall and thunderstorms activity across the country is expected.

The National Weather Service says it will continue to monitor and report any developments associated with tropical thunder storms around the country.

Loop Author