“Suspension of school heads unrealistic”

The Catholic Professional Society (CPS) PNG has called on the Education secretary to rethink his directive to suspend school heads who are charging and collecting school fees and project fees.

CPS PNG President Paul Harricknen was referring Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombradirective as unrealistic.

“Every year school subsidies do not reach schools on time. Schools have to run on empty for almost the whole year before some drops of their funds arrive.

“That is why schools charge project fees to help them start on a good foot for school year.”

Mr Harricknen said that any suspension of school heads questions the Government’s policy slogan of ‘Leavign No Child Behind’, when children’s education is delayed and jeopardized as a result.

“Teachers work for their sustenance and service to the children and the country.

“We cannot burden them to start teaching our children with no teaching aid, poor classroom conditions, overcrowded classrooms and overwhelmed teachers.

“We have to help make the learning environment conducive for our children and teachers.

He added that many parents are not prepared to pay for school fees because of thegovernment free education policy but schools like all other institutions cannot run without essential funds.

“There is already confusion which may lead to chaos. The government has to change its language of ‘will pay’ and say that by the first week of January the promised TFF funds are ‘already’ in the school accounts. Our schools cannot continue to operate on promise!

Mr Harricknen called on the government to consult with education service providers such as the churches to ensure best ways forward.

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