“Stop Fighting, Learn a Trade”

Janet Thomas, National marketing Coordinator for the Mapex Training institute is urging people in her home province of Hela and those throughout the country to stop fighting and learn a trade.

Beginning on Monday 13th September, she will be travelling to the Highlands Region to carry u awareness for the school, beginning in Goroka and ending in Lake Kopiago in the Hela Province.

“As a young Papua New Guinean woman, my mission is to travel to the Hela province and the Highlands region and take on the challenge to bring the Mapex Training Institute to my province of Hela.

“I am fed up with the fighting that goes on in Hela province and PNG as a whole. Many young women are not continuing their education after they have dropped out and are being seen as nothing more than another plate or cup in the house, which is not something that we are. That is why I am adamant that I want to take the institution and set it up in the heart of Hela province. 

“I am tired of the tribal fighting. 

“I encourage the young people from Hela and those from other parts of Papua New Guinea who reside in the province to register and take up courses. Being a part of the institution, I have seen it change lives. I have seen it give second chances to people who left school starting from grade three and up,” she said.

Thomas said she is excited about going to her home province to set up this intuition there after reaching Lake Kopiago last year, one the most remote of places in the country, something she said is proud of.  

“If you are from Lake Kopiago and you are willing to better your life, join Mapex and take up a trade,” she added.

Thomas also urged leaders in the Hela province to support the school in giving chances to people to further their education. 

Mapex training Institute offers 51 certificate and diploma courses in its Port Moresby campus and 14 driving courses.

“All these courses will be run in Hela province. I am encouraging my people to take up the driving and Operator courses because back home with the LNG operations, there is a need for these jobs. I would like roads to be built throughout the province so I am encouraging my people to take up the driving courses that will be run in the province,” she said.

Thomas also encouraged people to take up occupational health and safety courses that the institute offers.

Melissa Wokasup