“Repentance needed in Central”

Governor for Central Province, Rufina Peter says Churches need to help leaders and communities repent and change to move forward in the development of the province.

This was stated during the Provincial Government Dedication Service held on 30th of January, 2023.

“We need to reflect on ourselves, we need to look at how and where we went wrong. Because it’s not just bureaucracy or government it’s also our people in communities. This is something we need to look at as an agenda preparing ourselves for 2025. I will leave that with the Churches on how do we do repentance moving forward,” she stated.

Peter added that for this to be made people especially living along the borders of the province will receive government services before 50 years of the province.

“The border between Milne Bay and Central Province, border between Oro and Koiari, border between Gulf and Central and border between Northern Province and Central. We are too comfortable with taking things for granted, but in 2025 we are going to be turning 50 years old.

“There are border province people who do not enjoy even a quarter or point one percent of what we take for granted. If we can’t do it for ourselves let’s do it for those people. So that in 2025 they will know that there is a government that exists. It will be a big shame that by 2025 the border people have not seen any government service in those areas,” said Governor Peter.

Jasmine Iru