‘Spiritual healer’ to stand trial

A Man from the Morobe Province, known as a “spiritual healer” will stand trial next week at the Waigani National Court.

He is on trial for sexually assaulting a minor; a girl aged 13 at their family home under the pretext of praying with her.

His case was listed for trial today but later deferred to next week Monday.

The man was committed by the District court on March 11, last year to stand trial. 

According to the summary of facts that was put before the district court; the incident took place on 13 September 2015.

The defendant was brought to Port Moresby in August 2015 by the family of the victim after they heard of his spiritual healing powers.

 However, while he was accommodated by the victim’s family he allegedly sexually penetrated the 13-year-old girl.

The district court (then) heard that on the day of the alleged offense, the defendant went home drunk and ordered all the children in the house into a room where they usually have their prayers.

He allegedly took the victim into the room while the lights were off and while praying he assaulted the girl.

The district court was told he allegedly did so by placing a cloth over the mouth of the victim so others outside the room would not hear her.

He was later arrested and charged for sexual penetration; a charge that falls under section 229 of the Criminal code and Sexual Offenses and crimes against children’s Act.

Sally Pokiton