‘Lead the change’

Residents within the National Capital District have been urged to lead the way in showing our people to respect the country more.

We need to challenge ourselves to make PNG even better than it is today, says NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

Parkop led the Unity Walk this morning, where participants were reminded to lead the change.

Residents hit the road in high spirits in spite of the wet and dull Port Moresby morning.

Before the walk, Governor Parkop highlighted that we have to respect what has taken us this far.

“It is about our country. It is about where you were born and raised, and where you will be in the future as well as where your children will be in the future,” stated the Governor.

“That’s something that we’ve got to value and appreciate.

“It is our collective responsibility to show the way, here in our capital city, that we are here to honour our country going forward.”

Carmella Gware