‘The girl who drew’

The late Susan Karike Huhume’s handiwork has been an inspiration to many.

Loop PNG noted the overwhelming response received when our designer passed away. Among them was a writer from Morobe Province, Bruce Horick, who has dedicated a composition to our national icon.


By Bruce Horick

When she sat with her papers and colours

I wonder what that little girl saw

That made her draw a legacy

Which will outlast even her own

I still long to look through her eyes

To grasp what her heart captured

That her hands brought to life

To know how her soul knew

What would be the pride of this land

I know she saw no skyscrapers

Yet many a rising building

Fly the colours she chose

I know she saw no gold medals

Yet many a jubilant athlete

Have embraced the cloth she gave

I know she saw no foreign land

Yet she crowned the tears of many

Who find themselves far from home

I wonder still if I would ever be worthy

To salute your handiwork with pride

Whether my life would engrave into this nation

A history as richly worthwhile as yours

You will go to the ground as an old woman

In a casket draped with your masterpiece

But to us you will always and forever be

That little girl who drew

Our nation's greatest jewel

May our tears show our deepest gratitude

For giving us a gift worth fighting for

That many through the ages will raise

With trembling hands and beating hearts

Farewell Mama

May Heaven welcome you with joy

As a thousand tribes mourn your passing

In a sea of red, black and gold

(The young Susan Karike)

Carmella Gware