​World class standard for national institution

​Plans to refurbish the National Museum and Art Gallery to world class standard in preparation for APEC 2018 are now underway.

The Museum has been working closely with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the PNG Governance Facility to activate part of the Museum’s master plan to cater for APEC.

The National Museum and Art Gallery is one of the few precincts in Port Moresby identified by the APEC Secretariat in 2015 to host the spouses of APEC Leaders.

Newly appointed Minster for Culture & Tourism, Emil Tammur, during his visit to the Museum yesterday morning guaranteed the Ministry’s support towards the plans and programs to improve and enhance the physical environment, accessibility, wider public engagement and profile of the cultural institution.

“The opportunity now is for NMAG to rise to the challenge, and being the premier cultural institution in the country, partner with the government to present to our international friends and visitors alike the rich diversity of our cultural and historical heritage of which memories of these are captured by the material culture repertoire represented by our National Collections here at the NMAG,” said Minister Tammur.

The refurbishment will see the interior and exterior revamped, beautification and landscaping of the surrounding and car park area.

Scoping of the project has already been completed with work expected to commence soon.

Once completed, the Museum will host a bilum exhibition for APEC.

The refurbishment has been made possible by the Australian government through the $25 million grant extended to NMAG for the implementation of its master plan.

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Carolyn Ure