​Was it a publicity stunt?

Was it a publicity stunt when Madang Open MP, Bryan Kramer, donated his settling allowance to a medical appeal?

Kramer recently uploaded on social media a picture of an envelope containing K5,000 in cash, which every Member received following the first sitting of Parliament last Wednesday.

When queried on this first-of-its-kind gesture, the Member for Madang said he does not need the money, even though he knew his action would attract public criticism.

He felt uncomfortable when receiving the money and says it is also a gesture that shows that there are good people in parliament who are representing the people.

Kramer adds that he respects the other members, given that they are first time MPs from rural settings who would need the money to sustain themselves whilst in Port Moresby.

The MP told TVWAN News that his gesture is transparent.

He also states that in a way, it was a public announcement of how much money was being spent on the members alone in the parliament while the people who elected them are struggling on a daily basis. 

Following his upload, Kramer wrote: “On account I contested the election to fight for the welfare of the people, I have no interest in receiving thousand kina allowances while our people continue to struggle to survive and our hospitals are without basic medical supplies.

“I now wish to offer these funds to any family in Madang whose family member is in need of urgent medical treatment and unable to afford it.”

Imelda Wavik