​Warring Enga tribes sign understanding

​The Enga Provincial Police Commander is determined to make sure peace is maintained following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the warring tribes in Wabag on Wednesday.

Speaking to TVWAN News, PPC George Kakas said the Kii-Kambeperep tribe in Teremanda and the Kal tribe in Amala were present to sign the MoU for peace, and have agreed to maintain it.

Six weeks of fighting between these tribes had cost many lives – with over 30 unreported deaths, according to locals. The confirmed death toll stands at 12, including the two police officers during the counting period.

The MoU states that the tribes agree, or have come to an understanding of peace, whence the issue of the disputed boxes, for the Kandep open seat counting during the elections, would be brought to court for formal procedures to take place.

The PPC said during the event, there was a full perimeter securing by PNGDF and police personnel; and although trouble was anticipated, the peace gathering went well.

He said he will be keeping a close eye on this matter, considering that two weeks ago, a preventative order set for the tribes to maintain peace was breached.

This occurred when a drunk task force officer, thought to have been a spy for the opposing tribe, was found asleep in one of the clan areas in Teremanda. This caused an uproar from the tribe, resulting in another fight.

Kakas said the breaching of the preventative order upon itself is a criminal offence however, this issue was treated as a community oriented case and thus a mediation was carried out.

However, he says for this MoU, there will be no excuses and if the tribes breach the understanding, their leaders will be arrested and normal criminal charges will be taken against them.

Kakas is appealing to the tribes to adhere to this MoU and let normalcy return to their lives.

(Picture: Sandricko Facebook page)

Imelda Wavik