​Trial to calculate refugees’ compensation

A trial to calculate how much compensation will be paid to each transferee in Manus, who were kept over the past four years at the regional processing centre, will be held in the Supreme Court.

The trial will see some of the transferees in Manus fly to Port Moresby to give evidence in court later this week.

This comes after an Australian court, early this month, approved a compensation payout of AUD$70 million; an amount set as Australia’s largest human rights settlement.

Over the weekend, the first 25 refugees who were screened in Manus were moved to the US for resettlement.

There are over 800 men in Manus. Some of those are in Port Moresby on medical grounds.

Human rights lawyer, Ben Lomai, said Immigration intends to cross-examine three of those refugees in Manus.

“If we are successful, everyone will receive their compensation regardless of where they may be,” he said.

ABC’s correspondent to PNG, Eric Tlozek, will be in Court to give evidence as well.

The trial will assist the Supreme Court decide how much compensation will be paid out to each transferee as payment for breach of their constitutional rights.

Sally Pokiton