​Tkatchenko brushes aside tax evasion claims

​Incumbent MP for Moresby South and Sports and National Events Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, has brushed aside tax evasion allegations laid against him and his company (Kitoro No 33).

Tkatchenko has responded following statements being circulated through emails and social media alleging that he has been cheating the PNG public over the last 15 years by not paying taxes. 

The statement stated that publicly accessible tax office documents revealed that Tkatchenko has failed to pay both company and personal tax in fifteen years.

It also stated that despite the massive contracts, as well as tens of millions of Kina worth of recently acquired Australian properties, he has failed to file tax returns for over 15 years for his companies as well as himself and wife Catherine.

However, Tkatchenko told Loop PNG that these were the same allegations raised during the 2012 elections with the aim of damaging his reputation and his company.

“I have been paying all my tax and my records at the Investment Promotion Authority is clear with no fraudulent claims,” he said.

Tkatchenko said the statement is a political gimmick used to try and lure his supporters.

He said despite such allegations, which lack substance, he is confident to retain his seat and serve the people of Moresby South and the country for another term.

He has no time to respond to such allegations and will continue to deliver to his people.

Meanwhile, the campaign period will end on June 23, 2017. Polling will begin on Saturday, June 24, and will run for two weeks.

Freddy Mou