​State takes charge of Huhume’s body

The state has finally taken charge of the late Susan Karike Huhume’s body.

The late PNG flag designer’s husband, Nanny Huhume, told Loop PNG that after more than 3 weeks of waiting, the government finally contacted them on Monday.

“We went to the National Executive Council’s office and were given the assurance that the body belongs to the state now,” says Nanny.

“When they are ready, they will let me know whether Mama (Susan) will have a state funeral or not.”

The family is hoping that their mother could also be buried on Independence Hill.

“This was also what Susan wanted. She wanted to be buried near the flag pole on the hill so that every September 16, when we gather to celebrate Independence, people would point out her grave and say ‘There lies the PNG flag designer.’”

Nanny is now relieved that his wife’s funeral arrangements will be taken care of.

He extended his gratitude to those who had helped them during their time of need, including the government for stepping in.

Susan Karike Huhume passed away on the afternoon of April 11 at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Her body is currently at the Dove Funeral Home.

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Carmella Gware