​NA MPs welcome petitions

Sitting members under the National Alliance banner have welcomed the petitions they were served in regard to the 2017 National General Elections procedures.

The petitions will now see these members bring the matter to the court of disputed returns.

The leaders include Member for Aitape and National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch, Member for Maprik John Simon and sitting Member for Nuku, John Sungi.

They were recently served these petitions while Angoram MP, Salio Waipo, was also served his through a media advertisement.

NA party leader and member for Aitape, Pruaitch, noted that the petitions were part of the normal process after elections.

Former chief justice Sir Arnold Amet, who spoke as the legal advisor for the party, stated that these four members have gracefully accepted the petitions; and also added that 11 other former members who had contested the 2017 national elections have also filed petitions against sitting members.

The 11 members include Sir Arnold petitioning against the member for Sumkar Open and Jim Simatab against member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu.

(Loop file pic)

Imelda Wavik