​Minister vows to focus on degrading roads

​The Imbonggu MP has vowed to focus on rehabilitating some of the district’s roads in Southern Highlands Province, which have been neglected in the last 20 years.

Pila Niningi, who is also the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, said this after the swearing-in of the District Development Authority members on Sunday.

Niningi’s next step is to source funds to upgrade and rehabilitate some of the existing roads.

He said there are many roads but his first priority is to put more effort towards the road between Koyangil to Konapul.

Niningi revealed his hundred days would not be easy because the district has no money. All the funds for the last ten years were depleted without any impact project in the district.

However, he does not want to waste his time investigating how these funds were used. Rather, he will divert his attention to source funds to do what he can to fulfill his people’s desires.

The MP revealed that K100,000 from the independence celebration fund from the national government has been diverted into his roads and infrastructure plan.

The Minister further highlighted some of his impact projects that he wants to implement in the district, which includes the establishment of a police station at Walume District Headquarters.

Walume will be turned into a business trading centre for Southern Highlands by inviting wholesale companies to establish retail centres, building more bridges and roads to reach the entire district and strengthening and reviving existing health and education facilities.

(One of the many examples of bad road conditions around the country – Picture: James Morgan)

Julianna Waeda