​Havara still to be dealt with: EC

The former returning officer who falsely declared third runner up for the Moresby North-West seat, Joe Tonde, will still be dealt with for breaking Electoral laws.

This was confirmed by PNG Electoral Officer Alphonse Muapi.

“As stated earlier by the Electoral Commissioner, after the elections the RO will be subjected to investigation. What he did is a serious offence,” said Muapi.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is currently on leave and is expected to address the matter upon his return.

The individual in question, Moka Havara, gave an exclusive interview to Loop PNG yesterday (05/09/17) where he stated that his actions were due to frustration.

“I was very frustrated and angry when I realised counting had been hijacked during the time span and declarations were made without consulting me as the duly gazetted returning officer for Moresby North-West,” said Havara.

He has since filed his report of the incident with the NCD election manager.

Meantime, Muapi relayed that a post mortem workshop of the 2017 General Elections will be held in Manus in November this year.

Top of the agenda will be the updating of the electoral roll in preparation for 2022.

(Loop file pic of Havara during the counting period)

Meredith Kuusa
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