​GG appointed president of St John Council

The National St John Council of Papua New Guinea (St John Ambulance) has announced the appointment of Governor-General Bob Dadae as the council president.

In a statement, the Council said the president is the head of the organisation in PNG.

“The National St. John Council is a statutory body in the Parliament, which means it is an auxiliary to the Government, and is responsible for the governance and oversight of St John Ambulance and its operations across the country,” reads the statement.

In accepting his appointment, the GG said: "On behalf of all, I extend my immense gratitude and respect for the incredible work performed by St John Ambulance personnel every day. 

“Over the years, I have observed the vital importance of the work performed by St John Ambulance in Papua New Guinea.    

“As President, I will be actively representing the interests of the Council, especially the progression of emergency health services across Papua New Guinea.”

St John Ambulance is a Royal Charter Organisation, with Her Majesty the Queen as the head of the organisation globally.              

This year, St John Ambulance celebrates 60 years of service in PNG. That is, 60 years of rescuing people from terrible situations, sustaining and saving lives, providing critical treatment where and when it is needed, conveying people to the safety of a hospital when they are most in need, and empowering communities through first aid education and health services.              


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