​Gamato warns public about fake news

The dangers of fake news sparking unnecessary tensions has been highlighted by the PNG Electoral Commission this morning.

This follows a viral post last night on social media about defence personnel being involved in alleged hijacking and transporting of ballot papers into Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

Electoral Commissioner Patilius Gamato says these type of online posts are dangerous as they can cause tensions and unnecessary panic on ground.

He says no ballot papers were released as yet for Kokopo.

The public is being called on to be careful as the elections is an important democratic process.

Gamato called on people online to be responsible and get their facts right and check with electoral officials on ground to ensure that fake news is not entertained.

Clarifying with Loop PNG, the PNGEC explained further that so far, only non-sensitive items have been dispersed throughout the country.

As of Friday, the PNGEC went to Kerema, Gulf Province, to deliver the last of the items consisting of materials and stationery for polling.

Sensitive materials like ballot papers, endurable ink, candidate posters and the roll have been distributed as of last Saturday.

Bougainville and Manus have been flown out while today will be Northern, Milne Bay, Madang and Morobe.

Gamato says this exercise should wrap up by Thursday this week.

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Julianna Waeda