​Doctors' association aims to end police brutality

The National Doctors Association of PNG will soon make its final stance known on its police brutality case.

This pertains to the alleged attack on a residential medical officer (RMO) from the Port Moresby General Hospital on Wednesday night.

Dr Newman Berry, an RMO at the Gynecology & Obstetrics Department, was attacked on his way home, where he sustained head and facial injuries.  

Members of NDA-POM/NCD branch met with their executives yesterday (June 5), where it was agreed that ample time be given for investigations and questions, among others, to be done by all parties concerned.

NDA Secretary, Dr. Sam Yockopua, said members will then regather tomorrow (June 7) to assess the progress.

“NDA will objectively aim to end the endemic nature of police brutality in this country,” Dr Yockopua stated.

“Amongst the demands will be for those implicated to be effectively dismissed from the police force. They do not belong there, they belong to the streets.”

He said an ultimatum and deadline of 24 hours will follow if no progress is made on the case.

Carmella Gware