​Court stays Bando’s suspension

The Waigani National Court has granted interim orders sought by suspended Hela Provincial Administrator, William Bando, to continue performing the role of the Provincial Administrator.

The court was satisfied that he had serious issues to be heard by the court and that his suspension should be stayed to make sure the operations of the Hela Provincial Government went ahead uninterrupted.

Bando will remain as Provincial Administrator while the court reviews the manner in which he was suspended. He was suspended on April 15.

Presiding judge, Justice Leka Nablu, in issuing the stay order, also restrained the Hela Provincial Executive Council, its Chairman and Governor Francis Potape, as well as acting Administrator Kove Waiko, from carrying out the decision to suspend Bando pending the judicial review.

Bando was suspended over allegations he refused to release payment to “certain individuals” as per directions on March 3. He was suspended even before he could respond to the allegations.

He was appointed as Hela PA on June 21, 2016. His term was for a period of four years.

Bando, who is also the chairman of the Hela Election Steering Committee, is challenging his suspension due to the urgency of the upcoming election.

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Sally Pokiton