Domestic Violence laws need enforcement

The Ministry and Department of Religion, Youth and Community Development has strongly spoken against any form of violence and killing of women, and have made the call for strong and sustainable community response to prevent violence in families.


Minister Goi expressed disappointment that citizens and law imposers have not been seriously implementing laws that are already in place to prevent Gender and Family Violence

“The government has already made some laws to protect women and families from all forms of violence, The Act of Violence Against Women, or Wife Bash it’s a criminal act in itself. Over several years department has introduced another Act which is the Lukautim Pikinini Act as we know.

“All these good protection, Family Protection Act, The National Prevention and Respond to GBV, all these good laws that we can think of, the best laws we have in the country, yet this is not implemented.” Minister Goi said.

The Minister said Law enforcement should be prioritized.

“Enforcement of the law is matter of priority at this very stage you know. Bailing out people. Is it a good way to bail out people? No! We could think further. Maybe we should stop letting people bail out. They must go and face the full law. Maybe after they’re found guilty they must serve the sentence in the jail rather than coming out to pay compensation.”

While there are acts developed to protect families, there is also the Criminal Code Act that stipulates that where anyone causes assault, grievous bodily harm, attempted murder, manslaughter and murder that person can be charged if one commits such a crime.  

“The face of Violence Against women, I will do my part for the government to give Gender Based Violence or Violence against Women as a priority and serious funding consideration.”

Minister Goi wants to go all out to ensure that necessary steps are taken to really incorporate the Laws to make sure that those who are found guilty do not go free.

He said there must be a channel in place to enforce these protective laws that will ensure a person faces the full force of the law if he or she commits a crime.