Young leaders to attend UN forum

Four young, outspoken and confident Papua New Guineans will grace New York City with the hope of learning the best from the Economic and Social Youth Forum.

During the 7th Forum, youth representatives will voice their opinions, share ideas and think together about what they can do to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking place between 30th and 31st January, the Economic and Social Youth Forum is an annual platform through which youth from the Member States contribute to policy discussions at the United Nations.

The United Nations in PNG is supporting the participation of four youth who are from the different provinces of the country, starting with Lydia Dimokari, Darusila Puipui, Milton Kisapai and Joe Harry.

All four selected youth representatives have already been changing their respective communities by actively implementing activities for the betterment of people’s lives and that of the nation.

Lydia Dimokari, a 2016 Youth Champions 4 the SDGs, has been conducting various gender equality awareness sessions in the Gerehu community to empower girls and women. Another youth representative, Milton Kisapai, has been implementing educational sessions on the SDGs through sports.

All four youth representatives to the Forum completed a three-day induction workshop to further understand the work of the United Nations and the development contexts in the country.

(From left to right: Darusila Puipui [participant], Joe Harry [participant], Adekemi Ndieli [Deputy Country Representative of UN Women in PNG], Koffi Kouame [Country representative of UNFPA in PNG], Lydia Dimokari [participant] and Milton Kisapai [participant])

Sophie Yaruso