Yoga: instructors accredited by international yoga body

‘Yu Yet PNG’, a yoga group, visited the Bomana Juvenile centre for another usual yoga class today.

But with them this time, was Kate D’arcy from the British Wheel of Yoga.

British Wheel of Yoga is an international yoga body from the UK that accredits yoga programs throughout the world.

D’arcy’s interest for yoga in PNG was set off in April when a group from PNG visited the UK for a yoga convention.

“They talked about their work in PNG and I was so inspired, I wanted to come see it for myself,” she said.

D’arcy and her daughter Alice arrived in the country last Wednesday and have visited a number of yoga programs in Port Moresby, including the Konedobu community class and 9 mile community.

“It’s been a real honour actually. Everyone’s so kind and welcoming. It’s been inspirational to see what the teachers and everybody are doing for yoga to make a really positive change in PNG,” she said.

D’arcy’s aim is to assess the yoga teachers in Port Moresby and endorse them with international accreditation with support from the Sports Council of England.

Fazilah Bazari, founder of yoga is excited about this new opportunity.

“I want my teachers to be accredited at an international level. It will raise their standard a little bit because British Wheel has requirements.”

She said this will open up more partnerships, bringing in foreigners to work with them and give them opportunities.

Bomana Juvenile Centre was the final visit and D’arcy will be returning today.

But she hopes to come back to develop a yoga in schools program where teachers will be working in schools to teach yoga.

“And as part of my job, I see the improvements here, I’ll write about it and share it with the whole wold.”

Gloria Bauai