Women on the Move

​More people, especially in Port Moresby, have begun to accept the importance of health and fitness.

Women on the Move is one of such group, started by Lady Nii Cragnolini four years ago to provide an avenue for women to feel comfortable and safe about health and fitness.

The initiative initially began as a walking group.

For the last two years now, the group has expanded in all areas.

Xenia Peni is a volunteer and committee in this group.

She says WOTM now provides health and fitness advice and other sessions such as step aerobics and strength and conditioning workouts. It is also open to men and has received children who come in with family.

“We have a great range of people who come in for the sessions; a mixed field of women and men. “We’re starting to see more couples – husbands and wives joining us, with their children.

“It is fantastic to see families getting involved as exercise is not a norm in our culture.

“This tells us that the message is well received – that your health and fitness is important,” says Peni.

Peni said there has been a rise in deaths caused by lifestyle disease - whether it be from neglect or people just not aware and not taking care of themselves.

WOTM raises awareness on lifestyle and fitness.

Their sessions run from Monday to Saturday at Sports Inn, Port Moresby, beginning 5:45am. Afternoon sessions are only on Mondays and Wednesdays at Ela Beach.

Registration is open all year round: K150 a year - single person, K250 a year - family (husband, wife and two children).

Sessions and advice are free. Saturday Zumba classes however, are K10 per session.

Interested people can reach out to Women on the Move FB page.

Gloria Bauai