Tru Warrior partners with PNG Fashion Week

PNG Fashion Week has officially announced Tru Warrior as its official health and fitness partner in 2018.

Tru Warrior has created a movement in PNG that promotes healthy lifestyles and great attitudes and PNG Fashion Week, as a brand that promotes fashion, understands the importance of health and fitness and the role it plays in the fashion industry.

“As a fresh and innovative brand built and run by young Papua New Guineans and a brand that promotes health and fitness, which is essential not only to the fashion industry but also life in general, it made perfect sense to partner with Tru Warrior," said Philma Kelegai, managing director of PNG Fashion Week.

Tala Kami, co-founder of Tru Warrior, said: “We are honoured to be a part of such an exciting and fast growing concept such as fashion week.

“We are all about inspiring young people and challenging the boundaries of what we as Papua New Guineans can or can't do and this is an amazing opportunity to do just that. I am so excited to see what will come out of this.”

This exciting partnership kicked off in May and continues right up to the Spring Season of PNG Fashion Week, to be held on 4-6th October, 2018.

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