Start at an early age!

Literacy foundation should start at an earlier age.

Thus, Buk Bilong Pikinini (BbP) hopes to attract more attention to early childhood learning.

The charity organisation is an early childhood literacy, numeracy and awareness program and afterschool support program that has been in existence for ten years.

Over the years, it has had the support of organisations to push its work in the area of education.

To date, it has 17 libraries in five different provinces.

While progress is successful, BbP still hopes to get the government and the Education Department’s focus below five year olds.

“Education in the country starts at elementary, that’s the ages 5 – 6 going up. But ages below 5 is the group we want to target and provide that solid foundation before they get into elementary,” said the CEO Henry Ume.

Ume thanked those who have been supportive to their program.

“Education is a key part of the country’s progress. It’s very primary to get some recognition around early childhood learning education. 

“BbP plays a crucial role in early childhood learning,” he said.

BbP also has an adult literacy program and a publishing program.

Gloria Bauai