Societies place emphasis on education: Gure

Societies that place emphasis on education are the most successful so the church needs educated men and women to pick up their role in their ministry and in other spheres of the administration.

This was the message Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure, imparted to the administration and the graduands at the 9th graduation of the David Kini School of Theology and Mission at Kwikila Station recently.

He listed the seven pillars of western wisdom; Meritocracy, Free Market Economy, Science and Technology, Pragmatism, Culture of Peace, Rule of Law and Education as important for the church to adopt and practice in its leadership and management if it wishes to have quality membership and leadership.

“These seven pillars of western wisdom are as applicable in the church as they are in the circular world, after all, the church does not exist in a utopian state but is made up of real people living in a real world,” Gure pointed out.

He said education is one of the pillars and the Government’s Tuition Fee Free policy and universal education goes somewhat in addressing this issue but there is more work to be done. 

Gure said what education does is open up the minds of the people and arm them with skills and knowledge. After that, they can then seek out opportunities and be independent – this is empowerment. 

A total of 27 students graduated last Sunday (Dec 3) and received their certificates in practical ministry, practical leadership and theology.

After the ceremony, Gure presented K5,000 to the school with a commitment to install two water tanks as requested by them.

Also in attendance was Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, Deputy Party Leader and Goilala MP, William Samb with Sumkar MP, Chris Yer Nangoi.

Basil and his two MPs donated K2,000 to the school as well. 

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